RF Directional  Detector Module --- DRFT-ID series combine functions of both ferrite isolator and
    large-signal directional detector. Frequency band specific; available in peak envelope and RMS       
    power detector configurations. Applications include in-line RF signal level monitor, pulse detection, PA  
    interstage  isolation, VSWR alarm and AGC/ALC circuits. Rated to 100 W average RF input  power
    levels. RF connector type SMA-F. Module case dimensions  1.80 x 2.00 x 0.65 inches.
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    RF Driver Amplifier Module --- DRFT-AD series band-specific linear power amplifiers rated at 20 to
    25 W peak. 3 to 5 W average output level typical in wireless infrastructure HPA driver applications. Well
    suited to dedicated RF test platform and general purpose laboratory amplifier usage. Module interface
    includes PA enable and summary alarm functions. Single supply operation features over
    current/voltage/temperature protection. Gain stable over temperature. Optional aluminum heat sink
    available. RF connector type SMA-F. Module case dimensions 1.80 x 2.90 x 0.65 inches.
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