Daedalus RF Technology
RF/Microwave Hardware Engineering
        Daedalus RF Technology, an independent consultant, specializes in design
    and fabrication of RF/Microwave circuit hardware for high-power amplifier and
    RFIC applications. From MIC component to complete module level assembly,
    value-added engineering for both R&D and product development.

       Custom hardware solutions conforming to customer requirement can be  
    supplied from design concept through prototype fabrication, on-site
    performance verification, and supporting design documentation.

       Daedalus RF Technology also offers select  modular component  products
    for wireless infrastructure or general purpose laboratory applications.
       Utilizing the latest CAD tools and practical design expertise acquired over
    thirty years in the RF/Microwave semiconductor, aerospace, and wireless
    infrastructure industries, Daedalus RF Technology is dedicated to delivering
    cost-effective hardware engineered for optimal performance and reliability.

       Contact Daedalus RF Technology for additional information on products
    listed and consulting services available.
Daedalus RF Technology         www.daedalusrft.com